Partial Sale and Fundraising for Oatly

TombstoneV2 Partial Sale and Fundraising for Oatly

November 2016

Partial Sale & Fundraising

£ Undisclosed

Food & Beverage

Transaction Overview

Spayne Lindsay is delighted to announce the partial sale and fundraising for Oatly, one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing dairy alternative lifestyle brands


Oatly is a pioneer in the Swedish foodtech industry with a patented enzyme technology that turns oats into a range of natural and sustainable high-fibre dairy-free products including oat drinks, breakfast and energy drinks, yoghurts, spreads, cooking ingredients and ice-cream. With its unique technology, Oatly empowers consumers to eat in a healthy, ethical and environmentally-friendly way.


Oatly is Scandinavia’s leading brand of plant-based, dairy-free products, with a c.40% market share in Sweden and has huge momentum with sales in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Spayne Lindsay advised the shareholders and company on the transaction. After a detailed process to explore strategic options, they have decided to partner with a joint venture between Verlinvest and China Resources to further accelerate and invest in Oatly’s global expansion. Both companies have a wealth of experience in developing high-growth, innovative lifestyle brands in large international markets.


Mattias Klintemar (Investment Director Östersjöstiftelsen) on behalf of the Oatly shareholders commented:


“It has been great working with Spayne Lindsay – exemplary advice and good humour throughout! We have been really impressed with their management of an extremely complex process to deliver a fantastic result for the shareholders and business. Their strategic thought, industry knowledge and transactional experience has been invaluable. In Verlinvest and China Resources, we now have new partners for Oatly who are in an ideal position to support it in the next stage of development. We are excited about its future and remaining involved as shareholders.”      

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