Sale of Sneak Energy to True

Sneak-File-2 Sale of Sneak Energy to True

August 2021

Private equity acquisition


Food & Beverage

Transaction Overview

Spayne Lindsay is delighted to announce that it has advised Sneak Energy, the direct-to-consumer, zero-sugar energy drink business disrupting the traditional energy drink market on the sale of a majority stake to True.


Sneak, was founded in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs Will Peirce and Jonny Teeling. The business is the product of many years of the two working together having founded a number of successful direct-to-consumer brands within the health and wellbeing space. In Sneak the team have created a stand-out brand identity and harnessed a highly engaged customer base who are fully invested in Sneak’s business model, frequently buying into new and limited-edition product ‘drops’. The result of their innovative and creative approach to this traditional market is evidenced by the strong growth of the business to date having grown over 200% annually in the last three years.


Manchester-based Sneak has created an alternative to many of the legacy energy drinks on the market by producing a clean, powdered energy formula in tubs and sachets, as well as pre-mixed cans. Its range of exciting flavours, which are sugarfree and made entirely with natural colours and flavours are more suited to the next generation of consumers that care about the ingredients in their products. Notably in tandem, Sneak’s strong and vibrant brand identity resonates with its core customer-base of new-media creatives and gamers and features across its range of merchandise and lifestyle apparel.


True will focus on supercharging the brand’s international expansion, building out Sneak’s distribution channels and supporting the business as it continues to disrupt the traditional energy drink market with its creative approach to marketing and ecommerce.


True was carefully selected as Sneak’s new partner based on its digital expertise and international network across grocery and retail.


Will Peirce and Jonny Teeling, founders of Sneak, commented:


We spoke to several advisors before selecting Spayne Lindsay as our partners. Spayne Lindsay were instrumental in providing us with the guidance, knowledge, and resources to complete on a process that will take us on the next phase of our journey. We had a very successful outcome and Spayne Lindsay played a big part in that.”

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