Acquisition of Sunbloom Proteins by Avril

Sunbloom_GroupeAvril_DRAFT Acquisition of Sunbloom Proteins by Avril

April 2023


Strategic acquisition


Food & Beverage

Transaction Overview

Spayne Lindsay & Co LLP is delighted to announce that it has advised Avril on its acquisition of Sunbloom Proteins, a young German company specialized in producing and marketing sunflower proteins for human consumption.


In line with its strategic objectives, this acquisition enables Avril to consolidate its position in the global plant-based protein food market and thus meet consumers’ changing needs. As a pioneer for the last 40 years in the transformation of plant-based protein at every stage of the value chain, Avril is now accelerating the development of one of its fields of excellence, namely sunflower. Avril will be the leading industrial player in the production and marketing of high value-added sunflower proteins.


This acquisition demonstrates Avril’s determination to accelerate its development, in addition to its partnership with DSM, dedicated to extracting rapeseed protein, and also with its business unit, Vivien Paille, for the production of pulse proteins ingredients.


Established in 2017 by capitalizing on the work of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Munich, a prestigious German R&D institution focused on applied sciences, Sunbloom Proteins specializes in producing and marketing sunflower proteins. Based in Munich, the company employs 35 people and operates an industrial unit in Hungary.


Its core business activity consists of applying a unique, patented process to produce protein concentrates of high functional, organoleptic, and nutritional quality from sunflower seeds, a non-allergenic and non-GMO European vegetable raw material. Sunbloom Proteins’ products fully meet the expectations of consumers and the industry. The company provides new sources of sustainable protein enabling a range of segments to be addressed, such as ready meals, vegetable drinks and desserts, bakery goods, and even sports nutrition.


Jean-Philippe Puig, Avril’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The acquisition of Sunbloom Proteins is a concrete expression of our ambition to develop the plant-based protein market and, more generally, the food ingredient market. This new business unit will be an excellent springboard for the growth of our activities. We are delighted to welcome the Sunbloom Proteins teams to the Group. This union of skills will enable us to provide new solutions to meet the growing challenge of food and environmental transitions, while continuing to develop new opportunities for the upstream agricultural sector, in line with our purpose, Serving the Earth.”


Thomas Stuchly, CEO, Sunbloom Proteins, “We are thrilled that Avril, the recognized European leader in oilseed processing, has decided to lend its strategic support to Sunbloom Proteins.  Thanks to our new shareholder, we will be able to significantly increase our production capacity and enrich our product portfolio by joining our R&D capabilities to become a global player in plant-based proteins.”

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